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*250 million U.S. residents own an outdoors grill or smoker. While the traditional “grilling season” runs Memorial Day to Labor Day, almost 65% enjoy using their grill or smoker all year-round. *Hearth, Patio & BBQ Association, 2015

Recent trends reveal that grilling and barbecuing is a growing, year-round lifestyle. You need only glance around a typical backyard BBQ scene to see what is of interest to the grilling public. From lawn & garden to BBQ sauce, people are looking to make a splash in their own backyards. If you have a product that you believe is one of the best and is an essential item for our listeners, then why not join our family here at BBQ Radio Nation? Together we can give our listeners what they need and want to enrich their backyard experience.

Each week we cover all areas of grilling, BBQ and smoking related subjects. One area we are particularly keen on is products and services of interest to any and all grilling enthusiasts. This makes us a perfect fit for the marketing of wide ranges of household and outdoor living merchandise or businesses.